De Warmste Week

With this initiative, we want to make De Warmste Week 2021 a great success together with you!

Support local florists and local organizations, let’s end the year strong together. For every plant sold, we’ll donate 5 euros to their campaign of this year: getting the chance to be who you are, because that’s what everyone deserves.
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De Warmste Plant

Make your home extra cosy with the Warmste Plant! This fierce monstera with its beautiful stone pot will turn your place into a green urban jungle. With the holidays around the corner, this is the perfect gift for Christmas or to bring to your dinner parties and for good cause.
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What our happy customers say

4.6 out of 5
Fred W.
I'd say keep it up! Good quality and service.
Jan V.
Beautiful, fresh composition of the bouquet and a perfect delivery! Worth repeating!
Agnes V.
The website is clear and user friendly, the flowers are beautiful and of high quality and the delivery flawless.
Monique W.
Everything was great, I'm very pleased. I'll be sending more flowers like this.
Sven B.
Great initiative! Ideal platform to support local merchants.